5 Best Free Word Press Plug-in 2017

Creating and managing different websites are very easy with the word press. The website management is right handling with using different plug-ins. These plug-ins are not only provided multiple services to your word press website, it improves the performance of the website as well as allows better traffic and ranking of the website on the search engine.

The word press offers more than 47000 plug-ins which provide multiple services and features, the plug-ins are determined by the types and requirements of your website. Therefore it is important to select the right plug-ins for your website according to the improvement of the performance, budget as well as SEO strategies and targets. Since there are many choices in plug-ins it is difficult to select the best ones which are helpful in generating the results of word press website. We have listed down those word press plug-ins which are not only free but best in providing a particular service.

1. Yoast SEO

seo yoast

Yoast SEO is free for the general and personal websites and in case you have a commercial website you need to buy its premium access. This plug-in provides a complete and improved SEO services. This plug-in has a lot to offer which allows your website to generate better results in improving the ranking of a website on the search engine.

It improves the readability of the content which improves the traffic of the website and the ranking on the search engine such as Yahoo, Bingo and Google etc. other than just rankings and readability the Yoast SEO covers all the elements of the content such as headings, sub-headings, meta description, URLs, keywords, keyword density, pictures, length of the content etc. all these elements provide you the details review of your content that allows you to improve your content for better SEOs.

2. Akismet

Akismet key wordpress

As the online business and websites are improving, the scammers are improving too. There can be many scam comments which a website can encounter in a day and therefore spoil your website or blog, therefore, the Askimet is here to help you out.

It helps you to remove the spam comments from your blog instantly, it reaches the spam immediately and removes it quickly. Once this is done manually, it might take days to reach and identify the spam comments which are due to the large volume of the comments each day. Other than this, Askimet checks all the comments and filter the most spam ones and help you remove it quickly, it also identifies the source which is responsible for spam comments for the future and blacklists it. The plug-in is free for the personal blogs which are a good thing but premium version is a paid one for the e-commerce and business websites.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin

One of the most popular and commonly used word press plug-in which is operated by the word press team itself, therefore jetpack is the best free plug-in to be used for the improved performance of the word press website. This allows you to access many advanced features which make your website a better one. It also improves the overall performance of the website and helps in providing a good ranking on the search engines as well.

As clear from its name, this plug-in is designed to improve the overall website which includes the performance, traffic of website, security of the website, appearance, image optimization, content and much more. The best thing about this plug-in is it provide your published content to the third party such as search engine which is responsible for improving the website ranking as well as the site traffic.

It also helps in making the index of your website which allows the search engine to access your website easily through sitemap and includes your website in the search results. This plug-in is all in one as it also provides basic website security for your website and monitors any threats for your website as well as provide you notifications in case it finds any suspected activity which seems a threat to your website. This helps in preventing any attacks on the website.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard

google analytics plugin

Google Analytics Dashboard word press plug-in is totally free and helps you to keep an eye on the visiting activities of your website. The Google analytics helps you understand and monitor how many people are visiting your website each day, how long they are staying on the page as well as where are these people from.

This powerful plug-in allows you to access the key statics, it provides a detail information about the entire website as well as remarks about a single post or page which allows you to improve the weak links and improves the performance of the website according to it. The importance of the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is important to understand the traffic of the website as well as chances to improve a certain area of the website as well as the entire website. You need to create a free account of Google Analytics to use this free plug-in.

5. WooCommerce


The WooCommerce is one of the most commonly used plug-ins for the e-commerce websites and this plug-in is free for e-commerce websites but you can also buy its premium which also includes different advanced features. The development of WooCommerce is in the hands of WordPress team itself so you be can sure of its better performance and capabilities.

The WooCommerce’s standard version has a lot to offer such as calculation of shipping cost, tax estimation, credit card, bank transfers as well as other financial tools such as PayPal. It also allows you to deliver on cash. Other than this, it also helps and manages your inventory and tracks them as you go.

The WooCommerce is very beneficial and used by the 30% of the total online stores of the world right after its launching in 2011. Now you can buy its premium version which has something more to provide like the add-on for carts, one-page checkouts, emails, hundreds of add-ons as well as themes to improve the WooCommerce performance.

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