7 Best Free Contact Form Plugin For WordPress

Have you tried finding the right contact form for visitors to your website? If you have, you’ll agree that’s it’s not as easy as you probably thought. Thankfully, there are some top-rated contact form plugins for WordPress available.

No matter what your website is. It is imperative for every website to have a contact form. It gives your prospective clients the medium to contact you and can open up endless and exciting opportunities. Some websites only provide their email address on the contact page which is not a recommended practice. Using a contact form is a much more practical solution. It makes contacting you easier and simpler for users of your website. By prompting them to complete specific information, you can engage them better and improve chances of conversion.

typical contact from thetogglers

(A typical contact form from a digital marketing company website)

We will now look at the 7 best free contact form plugin for WordPress. To make things easy for you, we will provide a few highlighting features these WordPress plugins so that you can make a considered choice.

1. Ninja Forms:

ninja form screenshot

Ninja Forms is a simple and popular contact form-building solution that comes with a drag and drop style. It is one of the top-ranked WordPress plugins and comes with 28 fields making it highly exhaustive in nature. These include check boxes, anti-spam fields, star ratings, and many others. You can use Ninja Forms to create your own notification emails. It is also designed to store all submissions in your WordPress database.

Highlight: Offers a helpful exporting feature that can be used to import forms into another website.

2. Contact Form 7:

contact form 7 screenshot

This is a simple and flexible contact form with a large user database. You can create multiple forms and customize them with a simple markup. The free contact form makes it easy to configure mail settings and modify the default message. There is a huge consensus among users that Contact Form 7 is the best plugin for creating simple forms of all types.

Pro Tip: By using the savecontactform7 plugin along with contact form 7 you can search, sort and export all the submitted data effortlessly.

Highlight: Easy to set up and helps create customizable default messages.

3. Form Maker:

form maker screenshot

Form Maker is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It offers the much-desired drag-and-drop interface for creating simple contact forms. It offers features such as customizable emails and multipage forms. You can tailor this plugin to match your needs by using premium features.

Highlights: Comes with 41 customizable themes and multipage forms.

4. Jetpack:

jet pack contact form

It is a features-rich WordPress plugin of which contact form module is just one of the features. The module can be activated from the settings screen. It is a wonderfully efficient contact form solution that comes with a simple and friendly interface for creating forms. Customization options are limited, though.

Highlights: You can add a contact form to any page or post quickly and easily. Comes with customizable submit button and notification emails.

5. Visual Form Builder:

visual form builder screenshot

Visual Form Builder is one of the best plugins for WordPress if you want to create professional-quality forms. It offers many layout options and 18 field types. Form submissions can go to many emails at the same time with the configuration feature of this free and popular plugin. You can even send customized email receipts to each user. With Visual Form Builder, you can store form entries in your WordPress database. It also allows direct data management within your WordPress dashboard.

Highlights: Offers a drag-and-drop interface and multiple field layout options.

6. Formidable Forms:

formidable forms screenshot

If you are looking for a quick and simple form creation method, Formidable Forms is the answer. The contact form plugin for WordPress makes contact form creation easy using built-in templates or you can start from scratch with help from the drag-and-drop builder. The free version offers seven field types, but more are available for a fee. Formidable Forms also offer admin options that are truly flexible in nature. You can read, manage, edit and remove entries, and also create statistics and graphs with the available data.

Highlights: Offers infinite email notifications. Allows import and export of forms using the XML format.

7. Pirate Forms:

pirate forms screenshot

This is another popular contact form plugin designed for creating simple contact forms. It stands apart from others in the same category by providing forms of high quality in presentation and design. Pirate Forms can be deployed easily and quickly thanks to its simple setup. You can drop a fully completed form into your WordPress site using a widget or a shortcode. Pirate Forms also stores the contact data accumulated in a user-friendly and easy-to-access database. It can be reached from your dashboard.

Highlights: Offers the ability to customize labels, fields, and messages. Email notifications are available.

Wrapping Up: Every modern website is incomplete without a contact form plugin. There is no disputing the fact that WordPress plugins are the best. With so many free and paid contact form plugins available, making the right choice can be tough. By using popular WordPress plugins, you can provide visitors with a simple and effective method of contacting you. The above-mentioned 7 best contact form plugins for WordPress can fill all the communication gaps between you and visitors to your website. Make use of it.

Now, I would like to hear from you. Which plugin is working for your website model? Or do you like any other contact form plugin?

Mohamed Faizal is the founder of webkhalifa, a Web-Psychology based Inbound Marketing Company. He is a WordPress enthusiastic and loves to spend most of his time in exploring the CMS platforms & its features to give his clients best out of it.