8 Magento Themes That Are Guaranteed to Attract More Customers

Magneto is basically an eCommerce content management system that helps the online stores and marketplaces to have some great eCommerce website templates and themes. It is highly scalable and high-performance platform that is used by more than half a million users.

It provides incredible themes and templates. Have a look at some of the top premium Magneto themes.


Fastest Magento Theme You know that customers only demand two things: a great buying experience that forces them to keep buying more things and a great product that reminds them of its longevity and amazing features. That is why picking out a right product to sell online to a customer is a very tricky task. But the fastest theme channelizes all its efforts to take care of the experience of the user more than other themes. As its name suggests, Fastest is one of the quickest and easiest setups. It contains a plethora of highly useful and customizable features such as a drag-and-drop menu system, a very responsive design that is available on all the devices, Ajax layered navigation, and a zoom feature that is found mostly on the premium websites.


Novetty Responsive Magento Theme It has been created by the creator Clever Soft. It is considered one of those templates that can mold themselves according to the needs, demands and requirements of the customers. This feature of Novetty has been demonstrated by the portfolio of many different layouts. It is made possible by a mix-and-match interface and allows users to customize specific features, choose elements of each demo theme according to their wish. Novelty offers footer options, unlimited header, sticky menus, sliders, Google fonts, and slideshows along with everything that you might need for your store. The best part about Novetty is that it is constantly being revamped and updated by the CleverSoft. CleverSoft is constantly pushing the updates of theme and aligning it with emerging styles and trends.


Ultimo Magento Theme Ultimo is another eCommerce theme that has its own perks. It enables the users to change all the elements with the colors of their choice, and the since the colors are unlimited so they get an opportunity to choose from a plenty of colors. It is so amazingly customizable that it allows the users to add shadows and backgrounds, and a select a maximum page width. These two features make it a very reliable theme. This theme lets you tap into your creative zone and take advantage of it, however, you want. It serves as a website builder in its own way, which is seen very rarely in Magneto themes. It is a very responsive theme and knows the art of providing a great user experience. It is so amazingly fluid that customers get elated after using this theme. Still, if you want to ignore all these features of Ultimo, then it’s up to you.

Simple Great

Simple Great Magento Theme You must have heard that simplicity is a refined form of beauty. If you want to experience that yourself, go and have a look at the Simple Great template for Magento. Though this is not a free template unlike the other templates of Magneto but if you consider the sheer versatility promised by the theme itself, you will realize why it is one of the biggest online selling templates. It is very responsive and provides touch support to those using tablets and mobile devices. It gives you more than 500 Google fonts that you can choose from. And if you want to know about its customization potential, then believe us, there is no end to it.


Perfectum Universal Magento Theme One of the other most incredible templates is Perfectum which can also be called as a hot seller. Just like the Simple Great, it also knows the way to captivate the attention of the users just by appreciating simplicity. It has a very simple design that can be appreciated by all the Magneto users. Apart from that, it has built-in functions and features that are anything less than basic. It has an interactive slider with many effects, responsive layout, more than 500 fonts to select from, and unlimited theme potential. It is not just a simple template that provides you a boring approach to creating a website but a stylish solution that can help online portfolios, eCommerce stores and anything that comes in between. As its name suggests, it is really that perfect.


Beauty Shop Magento Theme BeautyShop is one of the most effective themes that you can get your hands on. As its name suggests, this theme entails everything related to fashion, beauty and emerging styles and trends. The best part about custom assignment writing service. this theme is that its modern design is available on all the modern devices. It is completely SEO optimized. It is always ready to go. It even gets installed within no time, unlike other templates, which is incredible. It even provides you an opportunity to choose from unlimited colors and themes. The better colors and themes you choose, the more versatility you will get, and with a more versatile theme, comes more money, which means that you have to go premium as per your chosen themes and colors.

Look Like

Look Like Magento Theme One of the other most interesting themes is the Look Like. It makes you think twice about the theme or template that you have chosen recently to purchase. This theme is less about injecting so much knowledge and information into the brain of the users and try to compel the users into action through its neatly arranged sections and categories. It is 100% responsive, offers more than 300 options and features to customize the functionality, layout, and appearance. It redefines simplicity in the finest way possible. It allows any agency or online store to take benefit from it.


GreatShop Magento Theme If you want a theme that is both interactive and versatile, then you should choose no other theme than the GreatShop template. It is such an engaging theme that it provides 8 templates in 1 template by introducing the option to match and mix. It comes with a slider and blog module, facilitating the journalists and bloggers in a better way. It is highly responsive. It lets you customize from an unlimited variety of themes and colors. It also provides you over 500 Google fonts and the best part is that, there is no single blog or store that cannot take the advantage of this template.

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