8 Top Free Plugins To Add Reviews To Your WordPress Site

Google has been showing review stars in the SERPs for a while now, along with your organic listings. These stars and reviews are attractive for users, they are much more likely to click through your listing and therefore they improve your CTRs, generating much more visitors to your website.

And we all want to rank higher and bring floods of traffic to our website, right?

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Improving your organic listings and image on SERPs with awesome reviews should be a priority since it has a great effect on the number of web visitors, but this should also be reflected on the quality of your service by providing a great user experience.

For those who use WordPress, we are in a unique position because we won’t need to be all too technically savvy to see some great improvements in our CTRs and total number of visitors by adding great reviews to our site and organic listings.

This is all thanks to a wide selection of WordPress plugins that are designed to help you add reviews and ratings to your site and webpages.

What makes this even better is that every single one of the plugins included below are absolutely free!

The following WordPress plugins will help you add reviews to your site:

1. Rich Reviews

This review plugin uses shortcodes. Once you go through the standard settings, all you need to do is copy the provided shortcode in your post or page.

Visit the official plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rich-reviews/

2. Author hReview

This review plugin is only for site owners – not for their visitors. It offers only one simple method of rating products: stars. Author hReview is your ideal solution among the available review plugins for WordPress if all you need is a simple tool that will provide you with the basic ability to showcase product ratings.

Visit the official plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/author-hreview/

3. Comment Rating Field Plugin

Unlike the previous plugin Author hReview, this one is meant completely for the visitors. Users can leave their ratings on the comments. Using this plugin is super easy. You will decide where you want to enable the comments. Another nice feature this plugin provides is the average rating for all the ratings submitted under individual posts or pages.

Visit the official plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/comment-rating-field-plugin/

4. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

This plugin will allow you to create unlimited polls and embed reviews from Polldaddy directly into your WordPress website. Since the Automattic team created Polldaddy, you can relax and know that things will work seamlessly with your WordPress blog. Though you will need a Polldaddy or WordPress.com account to install this plugin, the options are pretty fantastic.

Visit the official plugin page: http://wordpress.org/plugins/polldaddy/

5. Google Places Reviews – Lite Version

Are you popular on Google Places and you would like to strut your stuff on your site? Then this is the plugin that will help you with what you’re looking for. The Google Places Reviews plugin pulls your reviews from your Google Places page via an API key and lets you display them on your WordPress website. You have 3 colour schemes to choose from and a built-in widget that can be used to display the reviews.

Visit the official plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-places-reviews/

6. kk Star Ratings

This plugin is definitely one of the most interesting plugins in the WordPress Directory. Instead of you reviewing a post or element on your blog, this plugin allows your visitors to rate your posts through a star-based rating system. The plugin has some other great features and this can be rather helpful for driving traffic to your website. For example, this plugin supports Google Rich Snippets. This means that the ratings will be indexed by Google and can show up in Google Search.

Visit the official plugin page: http://wordpress.org/plugins/kk-star-ratings/

7. WP Product Review Lite

This plugin can turn any post into a review with a simple mouse click. The reviews are then configured below the text editor. The review boxes look great — especially for a free plugin. The box is split into multiple sections, with space for a fixed number of criteria, and pros and cons. You may also add a thumbnail image to the review box, as well as 2 affiliate links.

Visit the official plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-product-review/

8. WeReview – WordPress Review Site Builder

Contrary to what the name might sound like, the WordPress Review Site Builder is in fact a WordPress plugin. This plugin comes with a custom post type and short codes to help you build an beautifully pleasing review based site.

Visit the official plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wereviews/

If you’re struggling to add reviews and ratings manually to your WordPress pages, just installing one of these plugins can make it dramatically easier. It’s very important to point out that you should not install all the above plugins. Only install what you need and keep in mind that less is more. It’s also true that there are many ways to add ratings and reviews your site but some of these plugins are a great way to start.

Which plugins have you found to be the most useful when adding reviews to your WordPress website?

And which plugins have you had problems with? We would love to know more about your experiences in the comments.

The author of this article is Sarah Williams, who is a copywriter for a PPC agency in London, United Kingdom. You can follow her on Twitter on @SWilliamsLondon, connect with her on LinkedIn here and say hi on Google+ here. She loves books, hiking and the online universe.
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