Before Choose eCommerce Platform, You Must Know About These Popular Plugin

Woocommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins to build WordPress eCommerce store. This means if you decide to use this plugin to build an online store, you will be counting to increase the approx 3 million time has already been downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. And approx 1.8M active stores, a staggering 40% of all eCommerce sites.

Every eCommerce site owner has stuck some question about WooCommerce

  1. Can WordPress will handle eCommerce store?
  2. Most user has set their mind that WordPress is just for blogs
  3. How much WooCommerce is popular, is it expensive?

But, As I am one of the users of WooCommerce, I feel WooCommerce is a perfectly legitimate platform to build an eCommerce store. That’s when the follow-up question always comes because the question is never, “Should I use Woocommerce ?” But instead of this “Why should I select wooCommerce for eCommerce ?” There are many reasons to considers why should I use Woocommerce

Why WooCommerce?

There is a one common worst reason in the world. And I am sure you have had been hearing that: you have to do this because of your friends were doing it. But you have to do things because you have trusted the wisdom of crowds.

The things to note is not the number of downloaded but the changes over time. WooCommerce continues to grow dramatically. As we discuss above that approx 40% of all the stores online are using WooCommerce. That’s the first logical reason I consider strongly. But It’s not an only reason. There is much other strong reason to consider.

The Core Plugin Is Free

If you are a newbie to starting out with the basic small online store, then this is the option that is free can be a real advantage. With WordPress, it’s also a free and with some of plenty of free themes available, You just need to buy a domain name and web hosting account, And most precious your time.

Once you store grows you can upgrade to a premium theme. Or you can reinvest your profit to make your store more powerful by installing a premium WooCommerce add-on that is available in WordPress store.

Finding a Woocommerce Developer Is Easier

As we know that wooCommerce is growing dramatically is such that today there are lots of people have the experience to building a WooCommerce Store. Experts are easier to finds as well. When you look for a developer with much more experience like 2 to 3 years who are currently working as WooCommerce development. You will find WooCommerce experts than another eCommerce platform

You Can Create Types of eCommerce Site

When you start talking to people about how they want to make money online, there is not the same answer like selling clothes online. Some of are selling service, some of selling media or downloadable products. Some of the run membership site or run online courses There is a number of type product that you can sell on your eCommerce Store. “And the best thing is wooCommerce supports all of them”.

And that’s not true with other solution out there. Many of the others platforms are built for physical products with variance. They plan and expect you to give you something. But if the user asks them to protect or customize content, You are in serious trouble. This is another best reason which I can consider to WooCommerce is a strong platform to build an eCommerce store.

Extension Option

Extension That Is Available For WooCommerce

With a large number of extension available in WordPress store, there are companies who has created WooCommerce plugin to integrate WooCommerce store to others for maintaining your store with less hesitant.if you have a large number of the product then you have to maintain it. And it’s very difficult to handle product just use of backend of WooCommerce. For that, you have to use different technology like you may use odoo to the WooCommerce connector to integrate your WooCommerce store with odoo.

If you use odoo to manage your backend with WooCommerce store, odoo WooCommerce connector integration becomes absolutely right for you. It performs various operations like importing orders detail, customer data, inventory update, update a status of your order, import & export products and much more. It makes automate you all task and ease of your work. This is another reason I can consider that why WooCommerce is strong.if you are selling a product in multiple stores like Amazon, eBay and you have your own eCommerce store then you can manage your multi-store in one place with help of odoo Amazon connector and odoo eBay connector. You can manage you all inventory in the WooCommerce store.

Content Is King It Drives Sales

I know you are thinking that why should I tick this title in a WooCommerce blog. It’s a title of SEO blog. But the person who runs an online store, they only know how important content to drive sales. You must have to write an article because of stories sell the product. And that means you need blogs or a content site which help you to drive more sales. And unfortunately most of the eCommerce platforms they are not optimized for content. So you have to create an another separate site with content, and you can do navigational magic to get people jumping between content and commerce. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well. You need to optimize content it will help to drive sales. If you are running a big store, then you may need to hire SEO professional.

It Can Scale, You Just Know What You’re Doing

Woocommerce store can scale it will take some work. There are people out there who have done it. I worked with them to get a 1000+ product added to cart per minute using WooCommerce. But for that, you need to work.

Are You Planning To Hosted Platform?

Are you planning to choose hosted network, of course, you should? You can visit platforms like Shopify or big commerce or luceat. Shopify has a 50+ payment gateway. Bigcommerce has 25+.If payment gateway is your things, then are set. If not, you can count on WooCommerce and more than 120+ payment gateways you can choose.

And one of the other things that are worth to consider is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) when you are looking to hosted platforms.

The Situation When You Have To Choose WooCommerce

  • When you want to create eCommerce store by yourself
  • When you see every aspect of your store
  • When you are unique
  • When you make your store different from others(in the sense of infrastructure)
  • When selling online course is really makes service, membership and physical product store

The above five “when” you can choose WooCommerce for your store. And the last reason is most important really making the most sense when you are going to create eCommerce store.


As we have seen that there are a number of reasons we have discussed above that why you should use WooCommerce and WordPress for the eCommerce store. I can summarize those points in one paragraph. I started with the basic discussion and then after about core plugin for free, and then finding a WooCommerce developer is easier, and WordPress has extension store, and you can setup your eCommerce store for just the price of a domain and web hosting.

There are many reasons to why and when you choose WooCommerce for your eCommerce store.WooCommerce is becoming more popular because of its flexibility and customization option.

Rinkal is a digital marketing and eCommerce executive at Emipro. and also write about eCommerce, SEO and much more. She also loves playing around with gadgets and new technology and writes about it on his personal tech blog.