Guest Post Guidelines

We aim to give out informational and applicable content that captivates our audience, and help people run their business and careers in a more effective way.

The following standards are crafted to help guide our contributors in submitting content that is in harmony with our goal. The following editorial guidelines apply to all content published on and distributed by

Functionality: The content should not only provide the cause or motive, but also through what method or method that motive is going to be achieved.

Informative: The content should provide information for the applicability, and that must include step-by-step-guidelines, tips, screenshots and/or product and services that are relevant to the article topic.

Guided by statistics: Each post must have at least two points pertaining to the statistics that serve to provide market validation for your content’s positioning. The content should be of minimum 500 words. The word limit can also be somewhere between 800 to 1000 words. The content that is submitted should be original, and any content published elsewhere previously will not be accepted.

Easy to examine: Use of sub-headers, bullet points and bolding should be done. That would put emphasis on the important parts and would look systematic.

Linking Standards: The content can contain one in-text link that redirects to your site, and one other link within the author bio. Any link found to be irrelevant will be deleted. The links used should be for reference and easily detectable to the reader what they’re being redirected to.

If you want to add extra links to Author bio then it would be count as sponsored post.

Revising & Posting: As editors, we reserve the right to analyse and alter your content for the audience. Any portion found unfit for the audience will be sent back for revision. Articles will be reviewed within 48 hours and will be published within 1 week of delivery, but this is not assured.

Apportioning and Connecting on Social Media: We believe in giving you a boost to share your content on your social media, and get in touch with others that are sharing and connecting with your content. This will not only attract attention for your articles, but will also help your brand get recognition in the market.

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