Improve Customer Engagement for Your WooCommerce Store

We all know customer engagement is key and that’s why everyone seeks ways to be closer to their customers. The easiest way to stay near your customers is to know them, and the easiest way to get to know them is to gather the right type of information about them and have it stored somewhere safe.

A CRM system is what you need to maintain healthy relationships with your customers and keep them engaged as much as possible.

However, there are more ways to improve customer engagement. In this post, we will also talk about Heatmaps, Visitor recordings, and Form analysis. Knowing what each of these is, and how to utilize it, will help you improve engagement rates for your store. Let’s get going!

How will a CRM Improve Customer Engagement?

Ask anyone who has a WooCommerce store, no matter of what size their business is, they will tell you understanding your customers, helps you address their needs and, well, communication also becomes much easier.

You need to build a perfect image of your customer, which will be much easier if you observe their behavior, shopping habits, and preferences, right? It only gets easier with time as session after session, you start to understand your customers more and more.

What to Look For?

Choosing the right CRM can be tough and just like any other tool, this one needs to be smart and must save time. So let’s go through some “must have” features and make the process easier for you. After all, you won’t only need it to improve customer engagement. A CRM is an essential!

Customer Profiles

Customers are always the most important thing to you and so is their data. That’s why you need to keep it well-organized and that’s also why you need a CRM that does it. The following are “must have”:

  • Contact Details
  • Product/category Interaction
  • Acquisition Source
  • New or Returning Customers
  • Buying Behavior

You must make sure that the CRM you choose helps you look at customer data and be able to understand what kind of a shopper they are. This way, you won’t have to drown them in marketing materials, but you’ll know what they want, and you will be able to send them tailored messages addressing their exact needs. It’s as simple as that!


You simply must know the way customers interact with your store. You need to know if they are new or returning ones, how often and what they purchase, are they getting stuck somewhere (if so, where?). Once you have this information, you can sit down and find the best way to engage with them.

Naturally, you have to observe the buying process in order to be able to guide more conversions. This observation will allow you to send more personalized and targeted messages to your customers, which will help you serve them better, and as we all know there’s nothing better than a happy customer!


Wanna find out which of your customers are hunting deals, which are the big spenders, or which ones only spend when a new product/collection comes out? Of course, you want to know that.

This is why you need filters so that you can segment your customers. It’s all based on their interactions with your store. Make sure you keep a close eye on what they respond well to and target them with exactly that!


So you’ve got all that information about your customers stored in there, but what to do with it? Well, you must simply put it to use and reach out.

To reach out without wasting time or efforts, the CRM you choose must have that feature within its offerings. Having the option to directly contact a customer over the phone, email or chat is honestly a must have.

To keep track of what you’ve communicated across and what answers you’ve received, communication history is the feature you are looking for! Being able to always go back to a conversation and analyze it can be very useful!

Of course, your CRM would have other features too, but let’s stop it here. Now that the CRM system has helped you get to know your customers, let’s look at other ways and tools you can use to improve customer engagement.

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Heatmaps are great when it comes to identifying the parts of your site that get maximum engagement or its so-called “dead” zones. Heat mapping your site will help you make your CTAs more relevant and effective, which will definitely improve engagement rates.

It might turn out that you have a set of options placed on a “Dead” zone that nobody ever pays attention to. Sad, but even sadder is the fact that you are not changing it! Not sure if you need to add some new elements to your site?

Not sure where to add them? Well, heatmaps will help you with that as well. By looking at your site through the prism of a heatmap, you will easily visualize the whole thing. From then on it’s up to you, sit down and get creative.

Visitor Recordings

Being able to actually go through sessions of real visitors that landed on your site is powerful. There’s no better way to see what the customer likes, what distracts them and what is overly complicated. You may be surprised by the end results, but this will let you identify problems and once you sort those problems out, your customer engagement will certainly experience a push in the right direction.

Form analysis is another thing you can rely on when trying to improve customer engagement. Ever wondered how visitors interact with your forms? Wonder no more. Form analysis lets you:

  1. See drop offs per field
  2. See ignored fields
  3. See how long it takes to complete a form

You can do much more with form analysis and the data you fetch out of it can then be used to improve conversions & engagement.


On-Page Surveys

If you see there’s a pattern and people spend quite some time on product pages, take advantage of it. After a visitors reach a 5 minute period on product page start a quick survey.

This will let you know what is troubling your visitors, are they here to buy at all and etc. Data is never too much!


There you go, now you just have to choose what to do! While a CRM will let you stay close to your customers at (almost) all times and is an essential, the other tools can provide an immediate impact with long lasting effect.

You’ve got the tools, now happy analyzing!

Stephan is one of the marketing tricksters at Metrilo. Providing eCommerce stores with powerful Analytics, CRM, and E-mail solutions, Stephan, and his team have developed a great understanding of what issues store owners face on a daily basis. Thus, Metrilo tries to continuously address those problems and help eCommerce stores overcome them.