Why Magento is a Good Choice For Your Ecommerce Website

Exploring Magento And Why it’s a Good Choice For Your E-commerce Website

Besides having a rich set of features, Magento comes with an unparalleled flexibility to manage the content and appeal of your eCommerce website. When it comes to counting the features Magento, you will get a box full of robust marketing, catalogue management tools, search engine optimization, intuitive UI and many others to name.

Compiling all the features, Magento is reputed as the reliable shopping cart software for businesses. The CMS can be easily integrated into the Magento site for a much required edge.

How Magento Counts to be an Effective eCommerce Platform?

  • Magento comes packed with user-friendly features that combine highly scalable design and an extensive network support.
  • The CMS allows businesses to update their website automatically which is an exclusive feature of Magento.
  • Being simple, quick and versatile, it makes easy to search and purchase products.
  • Magento- powered websites come with an interactive shopping experience
  • Besides supporting multiple websites, Magento supports online stores in promoting their inventory in other domains.
  • Designed with a configuration based MVC system, it allows making your website highly scalable.
  • As discussed above, Magento features robust marketing features and catalog management tools so as to fulfill exclusive business requirements of merchants.
  • Magento comes with a single page checkout that is supported by a secure SSL. Merchants can configure shopping cart and also optimize it for expanded conversions. Other than this, there are many plugins available with the CMS for a consistent checkout procedure.
  • Magento is completely a device-friendly CMS. It supports responsive design by default. Magento could be your helping hand by creating websites that operate flawlessly on a desktop and mobile setup.
  • Magento considers security as its prime features. With a group of security experts working 24*7, it helps you accomplish PCI agreeability.

What Makes Magento Stand Apart From Other CMS’s?

Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify

Magento is an open source platform as it features hundred of extensions; Shopify, on the other hand requires its own language and is a relatively smaller platform offering a limit of only 200. Shopify lacks the extensiveness as compared to Magento as it does not have any reporting and customization options. Shopify is an excellent choice for all those businesses which are running small websites and need it within a short period, however, Magento is the choice for those who are looking for reliable and robust eCommerce platform.

Magento vs BigCommerce

Magento Vs BigCommerce

One of the greatest advantages of BigCommerce is that it is quite easy to set up. While Magento offers a simple and easy to use a framework, BigCommerce increases possibilities of getting stuck with complex plugins and limited third-party support.

Magento vs WordPress

Magento Vs WordPress

Initially designed as a blogging platform, WordPress now allows performing eCommerce activities with the use of plugins. On the other hand Magento emerges to be a true eCommerce solution to manage all your business activities.

Magento vs XCart

Magento vs Xcart Magento is an open source platform whereas in XCart the code is defined. Moreover, in Magento there are endless options to customize as it is highly flexible.

Ending notes:

When choosing the eCommerce platform for your business, one needs to identify requirements and budget. Magento can be the right choice for businesses that are planning to create a huge online store.

Every CMS has its own advantages and disadvantages but it is extremely important to have a clear concept of prime business opportunities when choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business. Therefore, you need to decide as to which one will benefit you the most because every business has individual requirements for creating the right system.

Along with so many exclusive features, Magento counts for the best CMS across start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises.

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