How To Save Contact Form 7 Data In WordPress Database

(Step By Step Tutorial By Using Save Contact Form 7 Plugin)

The Contact page is one of the most critical pages of your website as it is through this page that you can know about your potential customers. There are a bunch of Best Contact Form plugins are available for WordPress but Contact Form 7 is the most popular one among them all. Besides being free to use, it is also extremely user-friendly.

All contact form 7 entries are sent to the email address associated with your WordPress account directly by default. But it is also important to save the entries of contact form to the database because you never know when you will require a specific piece of information. By saving the data, you can keep track of all your emails and submissions easily and effortlessly.

You can save the data by customizing on the coding part or hiring an expert who provides WordPress customization service. Fortunately, there is a plugin available called Save Contact Form 7 for saving all your form entries without doing any customization in coding. It is totally free to use and comes loaded with a number of features.

Here is the step by step guide to the process of saving contact form 7 data in WordPress database using Save Contact Form 7 plugin:

You need to check the plugin section to make sure that the “contact form 7” plugin is already installed.

Installing “Save Contact Form 7”

You can use any one of these two methods to install the plugin.

1) Install from WordPress plugin module. Add new and type keyword: “Save Contact Form 7”. Click on “Install Now” Button and then activate it.

add plugin

2) You can also download and upload the ZIP package manually which is available from

upload plugin

Note: Activate the plugin before using it. The best part is, there is no need to have any special setting to start using this plugin. It starts working automatically.

Viewing the submitted data

list of contact form

When you have to check if filled forms are saved or want to save forms, just click on ‘Save Contact Form 7’ tab. This is provided in the left menu bar of wp-admin. When you click on it, it opens a page with a drop-down. The list allows you to choose from various forms you have created.

After you select the form, Save Contact Form 7 will populate the entries of that particular form automatically. Entries will be loaded via Ajax call with the help of So there is no page refresh. It loads dynamically.

Sorting the Data

Sorting of entries can be done by clicking on the title of the specific column. On clicking the title, you will be able to see the data in ascending order. To sort in descending order, click again.

contact form submission data sort option

Searching Data

search funtion

If you want to look for specific data, you just have to type in the search box provided. It will search through every single column and row and will populate the results accordingly.

Downloading Attachment

contact form attachement

The system also provides the facility to download attachment of CF7. You can see a separate column for file entries in the listing. There are two separate icons provided to view and download the file which is submitted through CF7 Forms.

Exporting Data

All the entries of a specific form can be downloaded into CSV/PDF to match your needs. It is also possible to export searched entries or sorted records.

export contact form data

Viewing Deleted Forms

deleted contact form

This feature allows you to retain all the deleted CF7 Forms. You can keep track of entries made through those form even after you have deleted it just by visiting the save contact form 7 menu and selecting the form under the “CF-Deleted” dropdown section.

Wrapping Up

Contact Form 7 is a top-rated and easily one of the best plugins for WordPress. It is very solid, reliable and features-rich plugin which can be handled effortlessly by even those who are not exactly tech-savvy. Many WordPress website users aver that Save Contact Form 7 plugin is the simplest and most efficient way of saving contact form 7 submissions in the database.

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