Top 10 Blogs That Every Web Designer Should Follow

If you’re not attracting traffic on your website with the aesthetics, how will you get them to take the next steps to actually read the content on your website?

Once you’re done creating the quality content, you still have the challenge of presenting it that clearly dominate what your blog is about. Images, text, and links need to be shown off just right. Otherwise, readers might desert your website, if it’s not aesthetically showcased in a way that’s both appealing and easy to follow.

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a site which cannot be left out when we are talking about web design blogs. If you’re working on web projects and looking for further useful resources, Smashing Magazine can be your go-to site. Smashing Magazine is one of the biggest design blogs that takes delight in emphasizing the quality of its content, rather than the quantity.

2. Help Scout

Help Scout is a maker of customer service software. They use a unique but minimalist design on its blog which limits the use of copy and visuals and embraces negative space. A good thing about this blog is its use of featured images for all posts, including a banner one. This banner highlights a recent or particularly popular entry. These icons are set in front of bright, block colors that catch the reader’s eye and signal what the post is about. Everything about this blog’s design says clean and readable.

3. Pando

It’s interesting to see how color consistency can binds the more expanded elements of design. Pando is a blog that explores the startup cycle, incorporates blue tones in several sections of its site like the background, highlight bars etc. But it also uses several different fonts. All these are then managed to look seamless together, when tied together by a cohesive color scheme. This is interesting because an important aspect of a well-designed blog is a consistent color scheme and style. 80% of consumers say that color boosts their recognition of a brand.

4. Design Milk

Design Milk is an online contemporary design outlet. It uses a very simple layout to highlight its posts. The sidebar to the right remains visible when a blog post is opened to read. This is perfect for showcasing thumbnail images for new articles. This internal link strategy helps to motivate the visitors to spend more time on the site. The social icons at the top are a pleasant addition to the overall look and feel of the site, as they’re easy to spot, and make it easy to share Design Milk’s content.

5. Codrops

Codrops is a blog that provides you with articles, tutorials, blueprints, other sorts of great content based on all the latest trends and techniques in web design and development. You can easily count on Codrops for only the most useful, inspiring and innovative content.

6. Design Shack

Design Shack has been around since 2003. It aims at providing inspiration in all areas of design with partnering articles and other resources that will help you learn how to create the same examples. The blog offers content on a range of design topics including related subjects like business and freelancing.

7. Webdesigner Depot

One thing that you will definitely like about Webdesigner Depot is the way they way have incorporated social sharing icons on each individual post. Having those links readily available helps visitors immediately share a headline they find interesting. You should check out the navigation arrows on the right. It has never been this easy to scroll to the top or bottom of a page. The color scheme, background, and fonts are all consistent. All this keeps the blog looking professional, but still distinct from the basic blog templates we are used to seeing.

8. Mashable

The bold colors, the wiring overlay, the gripping pupil and the contrasting text, all these things are sure to catch the reader’s eye. Mashable breaks its content into three sections on the homepage. Any new posts is listed on the left in the smallest sized thumbnails. The posts that are displayed in the center column as large thumbnails are the “What’s Rising” posts, while the posts that are displayed on the right are “What’s Hot” posts. This three-pronged approach to displaying content can help readers decide which kind of news matters to them the most. One more interesting thing is the number of shares is displayed in each post preview. This is actually a great form of social proof.

9. Brit+Co

Brit+Co is free of clutter, making the content more digestible, and the layout is extremely organized and welcoming. Adorable, and replete with a colorful, fun photo to illustrate the story’s content. The subtle trending header on the blog is as a nice and precise way to promote popular content, without being too direct about it. With such great visuals, you will note that the icon is important to include when your blog incorporates attractive imagery.

10. Tesco Living

The colorful and consistent design of Tesco Living is something that will attract you in the first look. You must check out the rhombus-like designs in the top banner that reflects the same ones that appear in Tesco’s logo. Tesco Living has achieved a great balance of simplicity and boldness. It has a minimal layout, but isn’t dull at all. Warm and welcoming shades underscore each content category. The photos add pleasant dashes of colors throughout the site.

Wrap up

We really recommend you to browse the mentioned web design blogs and take a look for yourself. It definitely isn’t always easy to find the best or most up to date information on web design topics. The above list of blogs will definitely help you solve that problem as you move forward with your work.

Keval Padia is the founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing iPhone game development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.