Top 10 Magento Themes of 2017 You Cannot Miss

With the advancing tides of the digital age, ecommerce has changed the conventional brick and mortar stores, simplifying the extensive and cost insufficient methods into compact and easy to manage online stores. With so much to offer and unlimited prospects, ecommerce is likely to become the primary means of shopping in the coming future.

However, to make sure your online stores remain abundant with visitors and customers, certain optimization protocols must be met. One of them is the Magento themes. In this article we have shared the top 10 Magento themes of 2017 that can deliver the elegance, UI and UX every marketer dreams of.

#1 Intenso

Intenso is a comprehensive Magento theme that offers powerful features and elegant designs. One of its best features is layered Navigation sidebar that helps users navigate to their desired locations improving UX for customers. Based on Foundation 5 Framework, it has fast and responsive features that allow mobile commerce to flourish without compromising functionality. The Ajax loading prevents the page from losing extra time on reloading while loading pages faster with easy filtering and operations.

#2 Blanco

Among the easiest non-technical templates which are making Buzz in the Magento market is Blanco. This theme template comes with a truck full of useful features, options and customization settings such as powerful admin module, 2 menu variants slideshow, new products display on homepage, blocks and extra links etc. Being a top seller, it is rated as one of the top selling and the most user friendly Magento themes of 2017.

#3 Everything Store

Everything Store is one of the most advance Magento themes equipped with era appropriate features and responsive design elements. It is a versatile application that is customizable and popular in the Magento community. Built on Bootrap 3 Framework, Everything Store is ideal for users who plan to market their website on desktop, smartphones and tablets.

#4 Sahara

Another top selling Magento theme, Sahara has received tons of positive ratings and reviews due to its simple yet elegant web layout options with responsive design integration. Users can manage their shops effectively without any complicated step using admin panel. The features are streamlined with banners that show both images, content, items, short introduction with visual effects that can customize from the back end. For is also compatible for those who have hired Magento custom development services for their website.

#5 Granada

Equipped with 6 home page layouts with full screen, widescreen and boxed options, advertising layouts and layouts with sidebars, Grananda delivers fully responsive themes with retina ready multipurpose features that never compromise on speed and functionality. A beautifully designed and store ready theme template, Granada can withstand and device resolution without breaking a sweat.

#6 Ves

The color combinations and textures of this Magento theme ‘Ves’ give a royal vibe to the store with pure white and black. The layout, placement of elements and visual details adds elegance, glamour and a luxury feels to the user. For these particular qualities, Ves is ideal for Fashion Clothing, Shoes, Automobile, Perfume and Jewelry websites. Built on Venus Framework 2.0 and Bootstrap version 3.0, it works on any screen size or device with 100% scalability and speed. For those marketers who plan to generate leads through mobile commerce, this Magento theme is as close as it gets to their goals.

#7 Legenda

With advance admin module, free blog and Ajax based loading, Legenda is a responsive Magento theme template full of promise for Magento marketers. With flexible features, user-friendly admin panel and fully responsive design, Legenda is suitable for all types of Magento stores. Being one of the most popular Magento themes, it helps users achieve iproved traffic, conversions and revenues from their online stores with just a small investment.

#8 Maxshop

An eye catching design, multipurpose responsive features and hi-tech customization options, Maxshop is a theme template that simply cannot disappoint. It can support all types of Magento stores and gives a rich user experience that can be hard to forget. It comes as the top rated Magento theme template that marketers recommend.

#9 Mango

Mango is a leading Magento template with multipurpose retina ready themes which can be tailored according to marketer requirements. Based on Bootstrap 3 Framework and top notch coding, Mango can take on any online store and produce impressive results in traffic. For the right to left language users, Magno is equipeed with RTL support for uncompromised performance.

#10 MegaTron

Another mobile ready Magento theme with HTML/CSS technology and features, MegaTron is built on Bootstrap Framework and hottest ecommerce trends. The back office is easy, streamline and to the point with easy to access navigation, while the front end is breathtaking and enjoyable. Using this Magento theme is a must!


Take your pick from these top 10 Magento themes of 2017 to get the best designs, speed, scalability and responsive features in the Magento commerce.

Simon Walker is a professional eCommerce Consultant with over 7 years of experience. He is currently working for FMEextensions – which is a Dubai based Web Design Company. He is also consulting businesses to help increase their online exposure and conversions.