Top 10 Mistakes While Coding a PrestaShop Module

PrestaShop is among the pioneering eCommerce platforms that are lighting up a majority of online stores across the globe. It has created a lot of opportunities for the developers to exercise their skills and produce valuable products in the shape of themes and modules.

There are a lot of features in PrestaShop that are more than sufficient for a merchant, whereas for improving user experience they try adding different options through modules. It can the addition of a function or feature that is naive to the platform, but a must have for the target audience. For example, allowing the users to upload a file to a product page to communicate the customization in a better way, developers come up with the PrestaShop Upload Module. It allows the users to upload files in a different format and let the merchants know a product requirement. To achieve flawless results, a developer is required to know the common mistakes and avoid them.

At the initial stages, we all commit mistakes but overcome it with continuous improvements. It consumes a lot of time to figure out where you are going wrong and devise a working solution for it. To help you cut off the time in evaluating the kind of mistake you are doing repeatedly, we are sharing the top 10 mistakes as follow.

1. Not Making the Modules Translatable

PrestaShop is a primarily known for making available a platform that has amazing translation options. It allows the store managers to easily translate a module into a language they are most comfortable with. Keeping this all in mind, if you are developing a module, make sure to make it translatable. You can set English as a base language and use a proper code for other translations.

2. Not Validating the Data

Most of the developers forget to implement data validation in their modules which make it vulnerable to cyber attacks. The hackers are trying different tools and technique to break into an online store through the modules. The absence of data validation can prove a security flaw and may not be liked by the users.

For example, developing a module for simplifying the checkout page must include data validation so that the spammers and hackers are unable to easily exploit the order processing system. Despite the significance of data validation, you find different factors that are ruining your checkout page, here.

3. Creating an Incompatible Module

The PrestaShop tends to update the platform with latest versions to ensure the users enjoy completely secure business presence. In such a situation, you will be required to update the modules according to the latest edition. It becomes difficult for a developer to maintain a module for the different versions of PrestaShop that’s why they are required to set compatibility.

Most of the developers forget to restrict the installation of a module to the latest or previous version if they are not meant for them. For example, you create a plugin for the latest edition and you do not offer backward compatibility, keep it restricted so that it shall never install on a previous edition.

4. Do Not Trigger Code for a Particular Page

It is a common mistake that most of the developers add the display header hoot on a page that bears a single product. Instead of triggering a code for a specific page, you can write it with an ‘if statement’ for creating a context.

5. Coding with _construct Method

Developers continue adding codes through the _construct method for a module, which may negatively affect some pages in addition to the front and back-end pages of the plugin. A recommended solution for this mistake is to start using hooks for adding the code.

6. Conflict with Other Modules

Developers find it quite amazing to create a module that is flawless and working fine, but the issues arise when a customer installs another plugin that has a conflict. For example, a slider plugin uses the product library from the back office, and another module is installed that has to use the same library. As a result, both the applications will stop working. To avoid such a situation, there needs to be a troubleshooting option.

7. Skipping the Testing Phase

Every module is designed to achieve a function. If it is not tested properly, the customers will get rude and you will have to get them a refund. Testing is the final stage that gives you the return of your hard work. To get the most out of your efforts, always spend most of your time on testing it locally as well as online, and remove the bugs before it goes live.

8. Excessive Use of JavaScript

Module development is often focused on rich and attractive design, which makes the module pages appealing but slower. The excessive use of JavaScript makes the module bulky and stops it from performing well on the platform.

9. Customizing the Code Too Much For the Back end

PrestaShop is well equipped with the helping tools for the back-office which are quite useful for managing a store. Adding a rather more customize code for improving the styling will do harm rather than good.

10. Not Incorporating Multi-store Support

PrestaShop has a built-in feature to support eCommerce website with multiple stores. And, most of the merchants have enjoyed the benefit of such a useful option. If your module fails to deliver the same, you cannot make your way up to success.

Final Thoughts

Doing mistakes is a sign of learning, but in the field of PrestaShop module development, one needs to finish projects with flawless results. And, that’s why we have highlighted the common issue so that you can easily overcome it and remove the obstacles in achieving excellence.

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