Top 10 WordPress Plugins That are Used by Professional Marketers (You Must Have)

WordPress is a CMS and blogging platform beyond compare. It is hugely popular among enterprises and marketers primarily because of its extendability. By using WordPress plugins smartly, the functionality of this system can be greatly extended. As these plugins are extremely user-friendly, marketers, SEO Companies and businesses around the globe find it extremely handy.

After careful and extensive research, we have identified the best WordPress marketing plugins for optimizing SEO, powering your content marketing efforts and empowering your email marketing strategies. Here is the list of the top 10 WordPress Plugins for Marketers:

Yoast SEO:

yoast seo wordpress plugin Yoast SEO is not only the most commonly used plugin but also the most popular. It is also one of the most effective search engine optimization tools. You can improve search engine ranking by using this powerful tool to optimize content. The plugin also allows you to add the appropriate keyword to content. Apart from this feature, Yoast SEO also allows the “use of page analysis” that can help in placing the keyword in the most effective manner for strategic use. Yoast SEO is available for free.


redirection wordpress plugin

One of the common reasons why web pages and sites lose ranking on Google is broken links. The Poor visitor experience is always flagged down by Google. Redirection is the plugin that offers an excellent solution to this problem. The advanced error monitoring system flags down 404 errors as soon as they are generated. It can automatically and manually add 301 redirects. The plugin is available for free.


bloom wordpress plugin

Build email lists effortlessly and gives your marketing strategy a push with the powerful plugin Bloom. It can help you add opt-in forms to your website which can result in high conversions. Bloom offers six types of opt-in forms, each with stunning designs. There are more than 100 form templates available. Forms can be triggered by user interaction or time delay. Bloom can be used to target specific types of posts or categories and can be integrated with all major email marketing services.


optin monster wordpress plugin

OptinMonster is another popular plugin alongside Bloom and used specifically for email marketing. It was designed to avoid any disruption when using the Exit Intent technology. Exit-Intent springs to action when a visitor shows sign of exiting the site in the form of a pop-up. The plugin has a powerful drag-and-drop builder which can be used to tweak opt–in forms that the plugin offers – all six of them. Non-popup options like welcome gates and notification bars are also available with this paid plugin.

MyMail Email Newsletter Plugin

mymail newsletter wordpress plugin

For small businesses with a limited budget, paying recurring monthly fees for an email marketing auto responder services can be hassling. That’s why experts recommend MyMail Email Newsletter plugin. You just have to pay a small one-time fee upfront and enjoy the awesome features and convenience of a superior, all-in-one email marketing plugin. This WordPress plugin allows you to build opt-in forms and can track clicks too. Other key features are drag-and-drop email builder and high-value analytics.


monarch wordpress plugin

Monarch is the overwhelming favorite of marketers looking to enhance their social presence. The social media plugin has no peers when it comes to performance and efficiency. The powerful Monarch is designed to create stunning social media buttons that can be displayed at five different locations. It has high usage value, supports more than 30 social networks and has unmatched speed too. Monarch has a built-in analytics tool that allows you to measure the frequency of your content on social media. Detailed analytics from Monarch can help you get a real measure of your marketing efforts.

Revive Old Posts:

revive old post wordpress plugin

If social media is a valuable source of traffic for your website, then Revive Old Posts plugin is just what you need. This WordPress plugin allows you to engage users on social media by reviving old posts and sharing the old content. The plugin can automatically share links to your old posts and to all your social profiles. You can also select the timing between two posts, include link backs and use hashtags. If needed, some posts and categories can be excluded.


task freak wordpress plugin

If you have to deal with a host of tasks right through the day in your role as a marketer, then this plugin will ease your workload remarkably. TaskFreak can help manage all key tasks for individuals or groups. You can create projects, add and assign tasks to users. The plugin also comes with features which allow you to discuss tasks, add attachments and inform about status updates of specific tasks.


wordfence wordpress plugin

Marketing is not only about managing tasks efficiently and spreading your reach. It is also about security. Hacking can bring your marketing momentum to a grinding halt and also adversely impact your search engine rankings. This is where Wordfence can help. It is designed to protect your website from unscrupulous malware and hackers. It is abundantly evident that Wordfence works as it has over a million active installs and thousands of five-star ratings. Wordfence scans your site to check for malware and other suspicious elements. It then secures your website. Wordfence offers great value for money as it improves efficiency and speed too. The plugin comes with features for blocking, security scanning, firewall, and monitoring.

Editorial Calendar:

editorial calendar wordpress plugin

Struggling to keep your blog organized? Editorial Calendar is the best solution. This incredibly useful plugin makes use of a unique drop-and-drop functionality to make scheduling and managing of your blog content really simple. You can manage posts from multiple authors and also edit titles quickly. This all-in-one plugin is a master tool for organizing everything related to your blog including publishing times and managing drafts.

Now I would like to hear from you if you know any interesting marketing plugins. Shout out your mind in the comment box below.

Mohamed Faizal is the founder of webkhalifa, a Web-Psychology based Inbound Marketing Company. He is a WordPress enthusiastic and loves to spend most of his time in exploring the CMS platforms & its features to give his clients best out of it.
  • Hi Mohamed,
    thank you for this usefull list. I already use several of these plugins and several others.
    Editorial Calender is very helpful. Yoast is just great for SEO and readablity. I always find tips for improving my copy.

    I am a big fan of the Get Social plugin for its great design and options. I use the regular social icon bar as well as the floating bar. Both work fine for me.

    For active sharing of blog posts, the Blog2Social plugin provides powerful options for auto-posting scheduling and cross-promoting your posts across social media. The option to customize the social media post with individual texts and comments helps that the posts don’t look automatic.