WCAG compliance + WordPress Themes is a Great Duet!

Accessibility is a key aspect of good web design as it benefits users and users with disabilities as well. Creating an accessible and user-friendly website is not so complicated as you can think.

Current web design trends encourage large fonts, high contrast modes, keyboard navigation, flexible and responsive layouts that adapt themselves to all different kinds of modern devices.

If you need to achieve the accessibility, the best way is to use the ready WordPress themes. There are developers who provide professional themes meeting the required requirements. If an accessible WordPress website is important for you, be sure that you’ll be able to find and select the right theme.

What Should You Know About WCAG?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 WCAG are a series of recommendations for web developers and owners of websites, about how to adapt their sites to be accessible for people with various disabilities. Web accessibility standards are in place to ensure that the internet is accessible for everyone.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 WCAG

There a Four Criteria of Accessibility:

  1. Perceptivity
  2. Functionality
  3. Comprehension
  4. Reliability

It should be mentioned that there are also 3 Levels of Availability:

  1. A criteria – must be fulfilled
  2. AA criteria – should be complied
  3. AAA criteria – can be met

Some of The Important Guidelines Are:

Multimedia: include text transcription describing the video content, operating video player and audio player with a keyboard only, adding subtitles, adding on/off switch for volume control, graphics should have alternative description,

Text: settings allowing regulation of font size and contrast, site content written in a simple and understandable language, texts formatted as clear as possible, use paragraphs and intertitles.

Other Elements Like: tables, forms and buttons, proper formating, frames are also key.

It’s important to remember that WCAG guidelines are only the basics. If you want to have an accessible website, friendly to your users, you need to stay opened for suggestions and criticism. Don’t forget about the proper optimisation.

Nowadays many countries in the world establish the law that obliges public duties to customise their websites to meet WCAG 2.0 requirements. This applies to all kind of public institutions.

Who may need WCAG ready site and looking for:

School WordPress Theme + WCAG


School WordPress Theme + WCAG

Every school, college, university, kindergarten or any other education institution needs a website.

For that kind of website we recommend: PE School – beautifully designed responsive WordPress education theme purposed for education category websites.

The theme offers the flexible solution for every school site to display their school program and classes info or any other info details that need to be given to the students.

Using this theme you are able to introduce the teaching staff – present a list of teachers with full information about them – their profession/ speciality, email address or phone number.

This WordPress theme comes with many user-friendly theme options to configure: colors, fonts, layout, settings for post and pages and much more.

We encourage to visit the demo site for this Accessibility Ready WordPress Theme and check it possibilities. The demo site shows 2 variants of blog views for example.

Medical WordPress theme + WCAG

Medical WordPress theme + WCAG

For all who need a website for medical business, we suggest taking a look at the fully customizable, trendy looking and feature rich PE Services theme.

It’s excellent for any medical website because it was designed as a precision and powerful solution for services presentation and professional company introduction.

It does not matter whether you want to create a doctor WordPress theme, medical clinic WordPress theme, hospital site or a dental practice site – this theme suits perfectly to each of these types of sites.

It comes with all the features you need to get your website up and running.

This theme uses ready-made widgets, shortcodes, and has a Revolution slider included – you will be able to publish awesome slide galleries and present your services to potential customers.

WordPress Theme For Public Institutions

WordPress theme for public institutions

Public institutions currently must meet the highest requirements in the context accessible websites. Because of that we highly recommend – PE Public Institutions – accessibility-ready WordPress theme with many features.

This responsive office theme has a clean but very modern graphic design and it was purposed for any kind of website connected with public institutions or community office. It means that is suits well for the whole category, there is no difference whether you want to create a page for police, fire brigade, municipalities or city office.

As you can see on the demo site, the template has been designed to show development plans or latest city news presentation in an attractive way.

We believe that after getting familiar with all the information which have been mentioned earlier, many parts of your website can be improved and you are now fully convinced that the WCAG requirements is nothing strange and difficult. Ensuring your WordPress site is accessible is worth it. The only natural and positive consequence will be opening up your site to a larger audience.

Błażej Krzymowski is related with PixelEmu web development company for many years. The administrator of CMSgadget which showcases best themes in the web and presents the latest news from the world of cms. He writes thematic articles focused on extensions, WordPress plugins and themes since 2011. He is also a great fan of WordPress and social media.