Web Design Tips Every Designer Needs To Know

Commitment, talent, and zeal can turn your dreams of being a successful web designer into reality. Be it a freelance web designer or a struggling one, you need a sound knowledge and creativity to build a functional web design for a website.

Web designers should have an understanding of how the internet works and how they can help business to grow with their design aspects. To achieve the success you need to know a bit more than knowledge and design skills. Web designers are part of creation and execution of websites so get a perspective on the journey of a web designer.

Here Are 7 Tips Each Web Designer Should Be Aware Of.

1. Know Your Client:

Understanding your clients and their business is the foremost necessity for any web designer. Designers tend to use their creativity and art form to build a pleasing website and for that they keep the functional aspects of the website a backspace. Strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality during web design. Understand the client’s notion of how they want to present their brand through the website and develop the design accordingly.

2. User Experience:

User experience is an amalgamation of look, feel and usability of the website. As browsing the sites is a visual activity, it is necessary to build a pleasing website to attract and retain an audience. Designers and developers have to keep in mind that users should relate and connect to the site instantly after viewing. Ease of navigation through the site should be seamless. Cluttered web designs do not draw user attention. Interactive pages engage visitors rather than static pages. Content should be findable rather than an elaborate search. A good user experience boosts sales and productivity thereby, reducing development and promotion costs.

3. Technical Knowledge:

In order to be creative and build a unique project, a web designer should have analytical thinking. Good coding skills and thorough knowledge of HTML lays the foundation for the success of any web designer. The design skills include good typography, layouts, frameworks and interface designs. A thirst to learn new skills is a much-needed quality with ever changing trends. Maintain a visual equilibrium while designing around white spaces to increase the appeal. Color coding, flow and organization skills make design process smooth and fast.

4. SEO Importance:

A web designer should have a full understanding of search engine optimization before designing. Web design should be smart and responsive to be used on different platforms. Assigning a clear URL does half the job to find your site while browsing. Site speed and loading pages pace is crucial for browsers to rate your website so designers should focus on this aspect. Incorporate meaningful keywords to find the website fast enough. Also, limit the use of flash as all browsers and devices are not capable of loading and responding to flash effectively.

5. Collaborate:

Working with a client or for an agency demands every web designer be part of a team and cooperate with other members. So it is important to be adaptable to changes that may come your way. You will be a co-creator in building a meaningful website so accept the ideas of team members with a positive attitude. Collaboration involves sharing of information and changing the schematics to deliver a unique web design suited to your client. Teamwork can sometimes add creativity to your thought process. Avoid miscommunication at all costs.

6. Business Acumen:

Most web designers are not great in selling their ideas and making business propositions. But in reality, everyone works for an income. So acquire skills in communication, marketing, advertising, and cost assessment. This will get you more potential customers and raise your worth as a web designer in the business market.

7. Listen, Learn, Test:

Challenges often cross the path of every web designer. As web designing is mostly a creative job, it is important to listen to the client’s point of view or a team member’s insight. Be open to learn new technology and adapt on the go. Always test your design in a browser after coding which gives the confidence to proceed further. Experience matters while learning a trade. Being patient and polite with clients is a sure way to keep you in the market for a long run.

I’m currently working as Content Manager with Web World Experts. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have the keen interest in Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Application Development technology, etc.