Why Laravel is The Best PHP Framework

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is specifically suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. There are so many PHP frameworks available with powerful functionalities and features, but Laravel is the best framework overall.

A framework is nothing but a building you can choose and build your program upon. A framework helps you in deciding the structure of your application and it also helps you in connecting to various APIs. PHP framework is a set of classes that makes the life of a developer easier than it is. For example hiding some complexities of HTTP rules or by joining some useful functions.

Laravel web development is nothing but a PHP framework built with the focus of writing code syntax that is simple and valuable. It is highly used, open sourced modern web application framework that designs customized web applications quickly and efficiently.

Why is Laravel best in all frameworks?

Open Source

The free web application PHP framework can easily develop large applications due to its open source feature.


Laravel has a great and easy to understand documentation which is organized in such a way that even a beginner programmer can simply use it.

Effective handling of errors

On your website, the behavior of small errors will have a damaging impact on the business. It changes not only the user in a negative way, but the traffic to your website is modified, too. General areas where bugs are found are data entry forms. To minimize the errors on the site, Laravel platform is mixed with other building methods. If something on the role of the user is bound for the failure, then he should be published in a group form.

Various File Support

One of the most recent features of the Laravel Development is that it has a local emotionally supportive system for various document services. It uses Fly system for this singular reason and its stockpiling selections can be designed on a nearby remote cloud-based framework.

MVC Architecture Support

It uses MVC design which ensures precision of logic and presentation. The performance is improved because of the architecture and this allows for better documentation and includes a number of built-in applications.

Database Migration

One main point for developers is to have a database in sync between development devices. With Laravel database migrations, it is very easy. After the long work hours, you may have made a lot of changes to the database and, at our option; MySQL Workbench is not a large way to sync databases among development devices.


Laravel development has a unique way of securing the web application. Laravel takes care of the security within its framework. It uses salted and hashed password, which means that the password would never save as the plain text in the database. It uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for making the encrypted representation of a password. Laravel uses processed SQL comments which make injection attacks unbelievable. Along with this, Laravel provides an easy way to escape user input to avoid user injection of <script> tag.

Automatic Pagination

Created for developers to aid them quickly implement and modify their work, pagination configuration stops the applying reasoning from being sloppy.

Libraries and configuration

It facilitates several development frameworks and self-adjusts depending on the own program on which application is running. This is possible due to the included authorization libraries, which come with an auto-complete feature that is not available on other leading frameworks.

It’s the easiest framework to learn as its developers wanted a script that is simple to implement and not another complicated starting point for a website or web application. The most important feature of this framework is its own personal tinplating engine, called ‘Blade’, which develops no performance costs on your website.

Laravel also has a time-saving tool called ‘Composer’ into which you can easily integrate the third-party cases into your website. Laravel has a large community at its foundation, and you can quickly find any kind of tutorial to get you started in no time.

Noah Diederich is a Content Strategist & working in a Reputed Software Development Company. He would like to write about technology, startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.